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Oil & Gas Security
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Oil & Gas Video Monitoring

Unlock unprecedented efficiency with our remote video surveillance products, specially designed for off-grid and hard-to-reach Oil and Gas locations. Our advanced surveillance solutions enable seamless monitoring of operations, enhancing productivity while minimizing the need for on-site presence. With real-time monitoring capabilities, you can swiftly address security concerns, optimize resource allocation, and ensure compliance, even in remote environments.
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Oil & Gas Security Concerns

Theft Prevention

Theft Prevention

High-value equipment and machinery are common targets for theft and vandalism. Surveillance cameras can monitor these assets 24/7, capturing any suspicious activity and aiding in the recovery of stolen items or identification of vandals.

Unauthorized Access

Unauthorized Access

Remote sites are often targets for trespassers or potential saboteurs. Video surveillance can detect and record unauthorized entries, providing immediate alerts to security teams and deterring intruders.

Safety Monitoring

Safety Monitoring

Ensuring compliance with safety protocols is critical in the oil and gas industry. Video monitoring can help identify and document unsafe practices or violations, allowing for timely corrective actions and enhancing overall site safety.

Environmental  Safety


Leaks, spills, or other environmental hazards can have severe consequences. Video surveillance can quickly detect such incidents, enabling prompt response and minimizing environmental impact and associated costs.

Remote Oil & Gas Mobile Surveillance

Oil & Gas Remote Site Video Monitoring

Ensure real-time monitoring and recording of activities on-site, helping to deter theft, vandalism and unauthorized access. Advanced features such as motion detection, night vision and remote access allowing your personnel to respond swiftly to any incidents. Additionally, video monitoring can assist in operational oversight, ensuring that safety protocols are followed and enabling quick identification and resolution of potential issues. This technology not only safeguards assets and infrastructure but also supports the overall efficiency and safety of oil and gas operations.

Cameras Deployed
AI Events Captured
Oil & Gas Video Monitoring

Rapid Security Deployment

From state-of-the-art mobile suveillance units to monitoring your existing legacy camera system, Video Shield provides rapid deployment to protect your farm and oil & gas facility and prevent theft, loss and damage before the crime happens.

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Rapid Deployment

Rapid deployment of Video Shield remote monitoring to your property.

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Fully Protected

Your property is fully protected with Video Shield active video monitoring.


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We are industry leaders in proactive live video monitoring with 50+ years of experience. We own and operate U.S. based manufacturing and video monitoring centers. Let us help protect your business from theft and loss due to crime.

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