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Multifamily Security
Stop Crime Before It Happens

Multifamily Housing Video Monitoring

Video Shield helps maintain a safe and secure environment for residents, visitors and property management staff and acts as a strong deterrent against criminal activities such as theft, vandalism and unauthorized access, contributing to the overall crime prevention efforts in the community. surveillance serves as crucial evidence in case of any security incidents or disputes, aiding law enforcement investigations and providing peace of mind to residents.
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Multifamily Security Concerns

Theft Prevention

Theft Prevention

Video surveillance helps deter potential thieves and vandals by providing a visual deterrent and increasing the chances of identifying and apprehending any perpetrators.

Liability Protection

Liability Protection

In the event of an accident, injury or property damage, video surveillance footage can provide crucial evidence to determine liability and assist in insurance claims or legal proceedings.

Crime Deterrant

Crime Deterrant

Visible cameras act as a deterrent against potential intruders and mischief-makers, reducing the likelihood of criminal incidents and enhancing the overall safety of the apartment complex.

Loitering  & Unauthorized Events

& Unauthorized Events

Loitering and unauthorized events often cause vandalism and generate excessive noise, disturbing the peace and quiet of the community, especially during late hours.

Apartment Complex Mobile Surveillance

Foster Comfortable & Safe Living With Video Monitoring

Advanced video analytics assists in identifying suspicious behavior or detecting potential hazards, allowing for timely intervention and risk mitigation. Video Shield fosters a more comfortable living environment and reinforces the appeal of multifamily housing and apartment complexes to prospective tenants.

Cameras Deployed
AI Events Captured
Construction Site Video Monitoring

Rapid Security Deployment

From state-of-the-art mobile suveillance units to monitoring your existing legacy camera system, Video Shield provides rapid deployment to protect your multifamily housing facility and prevent theft, loss and damage before the crime happens.

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Rapid Deployment

Rapid deployment of Video Shield remote monitoring to your property.

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Fully Protected

Your property is fully protected with Video Shield active video monitoring.


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We are industry leaders in proactive live video monitoring with 50+ years of experience. We own and operate U.S. based manufacturing and video monitoring centers. Let us help protect your business from theft and loss due to crime.

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