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Farm & Agriculture Security
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Farm & Agriculture Video Monitoring

Farm and agriculture protection is paramount in today's environment, especially with the rise in livestock theft. Cattle, sheep, and horses, prized for their high value, are prime targets for thieves. However, it's not just livestock at risk—expensive heavy farm equipment like tractors, trailers and machinery are also vulnerable and targets for thieves.
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Farm Security Concerns

Theft Prevention

Theft Prevention

Agricultural machinery and equipment, such as tractors, ATVs, and irrigation systems, are valuable and often left unattended in fields, making them prime targets for thieves.

Livestock Theft

Livestock Theft

Animals such as cattle, sheep, and goats can be stolen and sold for meat or breeding, causing significant financial loss to farmers.

Fuel Theft

Fuel Theft

Fuels like diesel and chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides, which are essential for farm operations, are often stored in large quantities and can be stolen and sold on the black market.

Customer  Experience


Customers feel more secure knowing their interactions are being recorded, which can increase trust and confidence. In case of disputes video evidence can be used to resolve issues quickly and fairly, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Remote Farm Mobile Surveillance

Keep Eyes On Your Farm With Video Monitoring

Our comprehensive product line includes mobile, fixed, and solar-powered surveillance units, ensuring round-the-clock monitoring of your farm. With our advanced surveillance technology, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your property is under constant watch, 24/7. Beyond security, our surveillance units serve a proactive role in property management. They can help you monitor your farm during and after weather events, as well as provide general surveillance to safeguard against theft and unauthorized access.

Cameras Deployed
AI Events Captured
Agriculture Video Monitoring

Rapid Security Deployment

From state-of-the-art mobile suveillance units to monitoring your existing legacy camera system, Video Shield provides rapid deployment to protect your farm and agriculture property and prevent theft, loss and damage before the crime happens.

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Security Review

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Rapid Deployment

Rapid deployment of Video Shield remote monitoring to your property.

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Fully Protected

Your property is fully protected with Video Shield active video monitoring.


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We are industry leaders in proactive live video monitoring with 50+ years of experience. We own and operate U.S. based manufacturing and video monitoring centers. Let us help protect your business from theft and loss due to crime.

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