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Construction Security
Protect Your Construction Site With Video Shield

Construction Site Video Monitoring

With their dynamic and evolving nature, construction sites present numerous security hurdles, including theft, vandalism, project management complications and liability concerns. According to the National Equipment Register (NER), the estimated worth of stolen construction equipment annually ranges from $300 million to $1 billion, with a meager recovery rate of less than 25%. Traditional security guards prove costly and have limited capacity to monitor the entire site. With Alert 360, your construction site can be kept safe and secure.
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Construction Security Concerns

Theft Prevention

Theft Prevention

Video surveillance helps deter potential thieves and vandals by providing a visual deterrent and increasing the chances of identifying and apprehending any perpetrators.

Liability Protection

Liability Protection

In the event of an accident, injury or property damage, video surveillance footage can provide crucial evidence to determine liability and assist in insurance claims or legal proceedings.

Safety Monitoring

Safety Monitoring

By deploying video surveillance cameras, project managers and safety officers can monitor activities in real-time and identify potential safety violations or risky behaviors.

Activity Monitoring  & Record

Activity Monitoring
& Record

Video footage serves as a reliable and objective record of construction site activities. It can be used to verify work performed, track material deliveries and document any incidents that may occur.

Construction Mobile Surveillance

Remote Job Site Video Monitoring

Remote job site security requires an innovative solution that addresses the needs of construction and industrial sites located in remote or off-grid areas. Our remote monitoring units are equipped with solar panels, enabling them to operate independently without the need for a constant external power source, even in locations where traditional power supply options might be limited or costly to install. Along with advanced technologies such as high-definition video recording, motion detection, smart analytics and night vision, we provide reliable and proactive surveillance that is an indispensable asset for ensuring the safety and protection of valuable assets and resources on remote job sites.

Cameras Deployed
AI Events Captured
Construction Site Video Monitoring

Rapid Security Deployment

From state-of-the-art mobile suveillance units to monitoring your existing legacy camera system, Video Shield provides rapid deployment to protect your construction site and prevent theft, loss and damage before the crime happens.

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Rapid Deployment

Rapid deployment of Video Shield remote monitoring to your job site.

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Fully Protected

Your construction site is fully protected with Video Shield active video monitoring.


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